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Up and Go! How to Plan the Perfect Surprise Getaway in 6 Simple Steps

Up and Go! How to Plan the Perfect Surprise Getaway in 6 Simple Steps

On average, we make 6,709 spontaneous decisions each year. Some of these are small choices, such as trying a new restaurant for lunch. Others are much larger, like taking a last-minute vacation. 

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Interestingly enough, spontaneous people are more likely to enjoy life and feel happy. And 88 percent of people who took spontaneous trips in the past five years were glad they did so. 

Are you looking to add more spice to your life or relationship? If so, why not pack up and go on a trip? 

This post will help you plan the perfect last-minute surprise trip for a loved one. So keep reading for advice on making a travel plan! 

1. Put Yourself in the Recipient’s Shoes

It’s easy to plan a vacation that you would enjoy, but it becomes a little more challenging when planning a surprise for another person. Thankfully, you know your loved one like the back of your hand. And, this will help you plan a getaway they will enjoy! 

Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • What is my loved one’s dream destination? 
  • How much time can they get off of work? 
  • Do they prefer flying, or would a road trip be more comfortable for them?

Considering these factors will help you choose the perfect destination for your surprise vacation! 

2. Take Care of the Small Details

Vacation planning isn’t just about the trip! You’ll also need to arrange for everything to be taken care of while the recipient is away. This includes: 

  • Care for pets or children
  • Asking for time off work
  • Housesitting

Letting your loved one know that you’ve taken care of everything will allow them to relax and enjoy their last-minute vacation.

3. Plan a Killer Itinerary

Now that you have a destination in mind, you can start thinking of what you will do on your trip. 

If you plan on staying in one place for the duration of the trip, you may want to look for fun tours, attractions, or activities in the area. And, you can research the best restaurants and make reservations. 

And if you plan on visiting multiple cities, you’ll need to learn how to make an itinerary

4. Keep the Surprises Coming

Even though the trip will be a huge surprise to your loved one, you can sprinkle in smaller surprises, such as tickets to a sports game or event. Doing so will let the recipient know that you were thinking of them the whole time you were planning and ensure they enjoy the trip to the full. 

5. Be Adaptable

Despite your best attempts, you may not have included everything your loved one wants to do on the itinerary. So, let them have a say in what you do once you are at the destination and be flexible. 

6. End the Trip on a High Note

To make the trip even more memorable, you can include one last surprise on the night before you go home. It could be reservations to a Michelin star restaurant, a concert, or even a romantic picnic. No matter what you plan, it will blow your loved one away! 

Pack Up and Go on the Trip of Your Loved One’s Dreams

Planning a surprise trip can be a fun experience and a great way to add some spontaneity to your life! Whether the recipient is a spouse, family member, or friend, these tips will help you plan a trip that you can pack up and go on! 

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